2020, the 2020ing

I vaguely remember having SCA-related project plans 78 years ago, back in February… But now, it's all I can do to keep up with work and the gardens. I've even had to prioritize within those and let some things die. I am drained and don't have a lot of emotional or creative capacity left. Might... Continue Reading →

I believe you. How can I help?

This is an expansion of a post I wrote in October 2017 on another platform. It is still relevant, so I'm sharing it here. It's not specifically about understanding behavior patterns in the SCA; this is more of homework/food for thought post about what people can do on their own to help facilitate change. Absolute... Continue Reading →

Health/Disability Changes

The last year has been a tough one for me. I had some major health issues pop up or intensify, and I also started a new FT job (which I love). My ability to travel and craft has shrunk to nearly zero because of physical limitations. My energy levels vary a lot, but are generally... Continue Reading →

Hew New People, Over Here!

Recruitment and retention are always key issues for the SCA, and Chatelaines tend to be particularly focused on increasing them. When you have a large event where everyone from the host group is volunteering for a time-consuming job, it can be tough to really give new folks the attention and guidance that will make the... Continue Reading →

The Ambition: an overview of the goal

Obviously, the best way to plan is to start with a huge, time-consuming goal that will require years of research and practicing techniques and subsequent construction and maintenance. Then you can work backwards from there to plan your intermediate projects and milestones. That’s how everybody does it, right? At least I had the sense to... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the East, Wanna Help?

STARTING OUT My first SCA meeting was in 2001, in Atlantia's Canton of Buckston-on-Eno in the Barony of Windmaster's Hill. Shortly afterward they took me to my first Event, where I got to wander around and see all of the various things the SCA has to offer in small, intimate scale. It was absolutely lovely,... Continue Reading →

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